Room Acoustics (Building a New Studio Part 2)

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In my last post, I’ve shared some exciting news with you: Copilco Productions has a new facility. Now we’re coming to the juicy topic of room acoustics. We’ll discuss why room acoustics are such a critical element and what we’ve done at Copilco Productions in order to get a great room sound. Moreover, you will ...

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Building a new studio: Copilco Productions 2.0

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Good times ahead! We’re building a new studio. While it’s constantly getting harder to find great spaces for arts and music in Berlin, I’ve finally managed to get a wonderful new room. It’s located in the so-called Gaswerkesiedlung, next to the famous Funkhaus. While the studio build is still going on, I’m sharing some behind ...

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Five Blogs Every Upcoming Artist Should Read

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You want to push your career as a musician? You’re lucky! There has never been a better time for that. Now I probably hear you complain about low streaming payments, shitty label deals and arrogant music journalists that just won’t hear your awesome new single. Well, there’s also another perspective. This is why I’ve put ...

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Why do we still need professional studios in 2018?

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Professional studios have been around for several decades now. The democratization of music production has changed everything. Many big studios had to shut their doors. Lots of artists produce their own music with quite some success. So why the hell do we still need professional studios? Well, to some extent I think we don’t need ...

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