Music Producer Coaching​
Improve Your Skills & Grow Your Career

Gain confidence and reach your goals with the support of an experienced mentor in the music industry.

Does this sound familiar to you?

"I'm tired of watching endless tutorials but still not finding the answer to my question."

"I feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities and would love to have a clear road map."

"My biggest issue is the confidence that I'm doing the right thing."

"I know that I need to get better at the music business stuff but I don't know how."

"If I could only figure out how to find an audience for my music that cares about what I do."

Introducing: 1 on 1 music producer coaching

Imagine you had someone at your side who cares about your success and helps you get closer to your vision. 1 on 1 music producer coaching is the most effective way to grow beyond your limits and build a meaningful, long-term music career. 

Create music that matters

It all starts with your music. Let's work together on the details of your composition, arrangement and sound design. Find your unique voice in a sea of noise!

Build a strong artist brand

It's not enough to put out great music. Let's make sure you communicate in a way that is authentic and resonates with your  audience.

Grow your audience

Exposure doesn't happen by chance. Let's identify your ideal audience and grow a tribe of true fans instead of just social followers. Your music deserves it, it's about time!

Gain confidence

Your mindset is the foundation of everything. Let's make sure you're on the right track and pursue your goals with confidence.

Meet your mentor: Philip Röder

With more than 15 years of experience in the professional music industry, Philip is the perfect mentor for the next generation of music producers and DJs. 

He's the founder of Copilco Productions, a mixing and mastering studio in Berlin that specializes in electronic music genres such as techno, house, and electronica.

Apart from that, Philip is the host of Pick Yourself, a podcast and blog that helps upcoming artists build a meaningful, long-term music career.

This coaching creates tangible results

Kontain Techno Producer

Techno Producer from the UK

Label-releases as a direct result of coaching

"Phillip is a true pro, this clearly shows through his understanding of the music scene and technical advice that he offers. The quality of my productions and mindset improved drastically with his help. This has directly led to having multiple releases signed on some of my favourite labels."

Let's find out how we can help you!