How To Get Better At Mixing (5 Easy Steps)

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If you‘re an electronic music producer and you want to get better at mixing, this episode of Pick Yourself is exactly what you need. I‘m going to walk you through 5 steps that will help you create better mixes than ever. Creating better mixes isn‘t as hard as you think First of all, let me ...

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Kraftwerk And Techno: What Today‘s Music Producers Can Learn From The Iconic “Man-Machine”

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The iconic „Man-Machine“ Kraftwerk and Techno as a genre share a huge bit of history. Genre-defining artist like Juan Atkins were greatly inspired by Kraftwerk and even to this day, many Techno artists reference them as a huge influence. With the sad passing of founding member Florian Schneider, I‘ve decided to dedicate this episode to ...

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9 Critical Success Habits of Music Producers & DJs

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In this episode of Pick Yourself, we’re going to look at the most critical success habits of music producers and DJs. These 9 routines can make or break your artist-career. Integrating them into your life has the power to transform your ambitious dreams into real-life wins. The compound effect of positive or negative habits All ...

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