Dead Skin Cells – Kamikaze Space Programme Interview (Part 2)

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Dead Skin Cells is the newest album by Christopher Jarman aka Kamikaze Space Programme. In the second part of our interview, Chris talks about the creative process and what it means to put out an album these days. Moreover, we dive into what has influenced this release and why the album is probably the best example of creative reinvention.

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The second part of our interview with Kamikaze Space Programme starts with Chris explaining how he decides which song ends up on which label and how he got in touch with them in the first place. We then dissect what it means to build genuine connections with the people around you and what that means for your future success.

Dead Skin Cells by Kamikaze Space Programme is probably one of the best examples of different styles of electronic music, that merge into something truly unique. In our conversation, Chris Jarman explains how his past has influenced his newest release and why it still feels like his biggest creative reinvention to date.

In this episode you’re going to learn:

  • Why you should care about your people skills and surround yourself only with “good people”
  • What you can do when you get stuck in the creative process
  • How you can merge different styles and techniques in order to create something truly unique
  • Why you should start working with people at your level (and not try to run after the ones who play in a different league already)

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