Copilco Productions offers pro audio consulting and education to artists, record companies, and other music-industry-related businesses. This service aims at creating a broader understanding of what happens in pro audio and how everybody can incorporate certain techniques or approaches in their work.

What’s included in our pro audio consulting and education service?

We provide 1:1 coachings, group workshops, and talk about every pro audio topic that might be important to you. Whether it’s producing, mixing, mastering, or something else you always had questions about. We focus on your specific problems and topics of interest. Our goal is to provide a personalized experience where you can really dig deep into a certain issue.

Who can benefit from this service?

Generally speaking, everybody who works in the music industry and has to do with the creative production process of a record (at least to a certain extent). That means we work with artists, label A&R executives, music managers, and even with brands who are attached to the pro audio world.

Let’s talk about your upcoming project!