Copilco Productions offers professional audio mastering in Berlin. Additionally, we provide online mastering for clients from all over the world. Our studio offers a great listening environment that reveals all details of your production. If you need assistance on the way to your final master, we’re happy to provide ongoing assistance during the process. Get in touch with us as soon as possible if you want optimum results.

What’s the benefit of working with a mastering engineer?

Mastering has become more important than ever. The amount of music that’s being released digitally is skyrocketing. Moreover, many artists try to produce and mix their music by themselves under less than optimal conditions. Therefore, it’s crucial to get in touch with an experienced mixing and mastering engineer as early as possible.

How do we approach mastering at Copilco Productions?

First of all, we’ll have a conversation about your goals and expectations regarding this release. Then, we’ll have a listen to your source material. It makes sense to contact us at the very beginning of your production process so we can help you achieve your sonic goals and exceed your expectations. We will then master your music according to modern standard techniques including EQ, compression, limiting and, if necessary, other effects. If you struggle with getting your mix sound great, no problem. We’ve specialized in professional mixing and are more than happy to help you out there.

When should you choose professional mastering in Berlin at Copilco Productions over LANDR?

There are many cases in which mastering with LANDR makes total sense. It’s fast, reliable and doesn’t sound bad. Sounds like a good package, right? Well, it all comes down to how much influence you want to have on the project. For demos, it’s probably a good idea to make them sound better using LANDR. But do you really want those songs you worked on for so many hours be squashed by an algorithm that doesn’t really “listen” to your music? Sound engineering, mixing and mastering are not only technical disciplines but creative ones as well. And this crucial aspect is still missing in tools like LANDR. Moreover, the feedback you get from a mixing and mastering engineer during the production process already helps improve your final product a lot.

Let’s talk about your upcoming project!