Copilco Productions offers professional mixing services right out of our mixing studio in Berlin. We turn your raw sounding recordings into great sounding final mixes that stand out in terms of clarity, punch, width, and depth. Since Copilco Productions puts a focus on your creative vision, our mixing work always tries to underline the story of your song.

What happens at a professional mixing session?

Firstly, we listen to your rough mix and try to find out what makes the song special and which elements should be preserved or highlighted. Then, we prepare the project for a seamless mixing workflow. After organizing the session, we move on to the main part of professional mixing: Balance, equalization, compression, spatial imaging, automation and other effects that help bring out the special something within your song.

What about mix revisions?

Since we put much emphasis on a seamless project workflow, we make sure that your session can be recalled instantly. We also provide a detailed revision sheet where you can enter your remarks. This ensures a mutual understanding of what should be changed. Professional mixing at Copilco Productions means an equal partnership between the artist and our studio. Therefore, your input and feedback help us understand what sound you want to achieve.

What’s the benefit of working with a professional mixing engineer?

Let’s be honest here: You want your record to sound mindblowing. You want the fans, your label, the music press, and everybody else to be impressed by what you put out there. You’ve worked on your music so hard, put lots of time and energy into creating these songs and now it’s time to record them. This is the moment where you know it’s time to contact an experienced mixing engineer. Even though you might decide to record the songs in your garage or program everything on your laptop, a great mixing engineer can give great advice at that stage. When you’re done, bring over the recordings and we will make them sound like you’ve imagined them. In the optimum scenario, you’re hiring Copilco Productions to handle the whole music production process.

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