We get it: Your music is your very personal story, your baby, your most favorite thing in the world. Would you give it to someone who doesn’t speak the language of your genre? Probably not. This is why Copilco Productions is a one hundred percent specialized electronic music studio. Do you have trouble making kick and subbass work together? Are you still fighting those harsh hi-hat sounds? Maybe you can’t figure out how to make your lead synth stand out from all the pads? Rest assured, we’ve been there probably millions of times. And we’d absolutely love to help you out!

It’s all about the fine details

DJs and producers these days are more independent then ever. Affordable tools and free online tutorials have paved the way for a new generation of artists that are producing high quality music. Still, if your goal is to truly stand out with your sound and have an impact on the scene, a specialized electronic music studio can help you turn your vision into reality. We know about the subtle details of your genre and we understand your specific needs.