What do you expect from a studio today? We believe that it’s not enough to only be a service contractor for producing, mixing or mastering. Our philosophy is to offer clients an equal partnership in which we can exchange ideas and knowledge. We find it important to develop a shared passion for the story your music wants to tell.

Making the left and right brain work together

Since music production is a creative as well as a technical process a producer and engineer has to consider both aspects. Copilco Productions aims to be a space where technical expertise and a creative mindset coexist. Therefore, we try to provide a creative atmosphere where you don’t really notice the technical aspects of the session.

Every sound tells a story. We make sure to bring yours across!

Oftentimes, it’s the little details of a song that make it stand out. A certain sound that draws your attention, in interesting harmonic change or maybe some unexpected lyrics. Copilco Productions puts a focus on bringing out those details in order to tell an appealing story. That’s our basic philosophy.

If you’re interested in our approach, make sure to check out our blog (sometimes German, sometimes English).