• Every sound tells a story. Let’s tell yours!

    Professional music production & mixing studio in Berlin.

Music Production

From the first demo to the final master of your song: Copilco Productions helps you turn your creative vision into reality. We set up a streamlined workflow and provide perfect conditions so you can focus on your music.

Professional Mixing

Copilco Productions is specialized in mixing. Our studio creates professional mixes that will match and exceed your expectations. Your sound will be on par with great contemporary productions and you will enjoy listening to the final result.


Copilco Productions offers professional audio mastering in Berlin. Additionally, we provide online mastering for clients from all over the world. We're also happy to assist you during the production process in order to ensure the best end result.


We offer premium recording services together with our network of extraordinary sounding spaces. We choose the perfect studio for your specific needs. Our goal is to create outstanding sonic results. It all starts with an excellent recording.

Sound Supervision

Copilco Productions offers sound supervision for artists and lables who need an expert in the pro audio field. You'll get honest feedback, critical advice and a satisfying answer to every audio question you might have during your production.

Pro Audio Consulting & Education

We're absolutely in love with the idea of artists empowering themselves to record and produce their own music. Yet the world of pro audio can be confusing at times. This is why Copilco Productions offers consulting and education in this field.

Make your sound stand out!

  • Martin Kleinert (New Port Records)

    We love working with Philip, not only because he does a great job, but because he provides very helpful feedback on the way. That’s essential if you want optimum results!

    Martin Kleinert (New Port Records)
  • Mila Dietrich (Civil Disobedience, Nagual Project)

    Philip has done such a good mixing work on my EP, as he has fully understood the precise sound I wanted to give my tracks. He is very professional and kind, it was a real pleasure to collaborate with him.

    Mila Dietrich (Civil Disobedience, Nagual Project)
  • Tim Peltzer (BSC Music)

    Philip is an extremely talented, honest, and motivated producer and mixing engineer. I admire his strong will and work ethic to really grind a diamond from coal. He takes you seriously as an artist and is absolutely open for your input. I feel honored to be working with him for several years now!

    Tim Peltzer (BSC Music)
  • Isar Mafia (BSC Music)

    We are very happy with the mixes! Philip has managed to make our record sound exactly like we wanted it to. We’ll be back for sure!

    Isar Mafia (BSC Music)
  • Violent Blondes (Civil Disobedience)

    As his client, our experience working with Philip is unparalleled.  His skill and expertise as a mixing engineer allows your sounds to reach their greatest potential.  Every sound, every track he touches becomes even more alive.  He achieves this by dedicating time to deeply understand both the vision and feeling for the projects of his clients.  We couldn’t be happier!

    Violent Blondes (Civil Disobedience)

Copilco Productions: Professional music production and mixing studio in Berlin

Welcome to Copilco Productions! We’re a professional music production and mixing studio in Berlin. Aimed at ambitious, fresh and exciting artists and labels, we offer pro audio services like producing, mixing and mastering. Our studio is run by experienced producer and mixing engineer Philip Röder.

(If you prefer to read something about the studio in German, please check out this post)

Working with global talent in various genres

Even though our clients come from different countries and musical backgrounds, they have one thing in common: They all want their songs to sound the best they can. Simply because their fans deserve great sounding music. This is where our professional mixing studio in Berlin comes into play. We help artists achieve exactly the sound they want. This is one of the reasons why labels like Civil Disobedience, New Port Records, and BSC Music constantly return to our services.

Our philosophy: Every sound tells a story

We believe that music production goes beyond notes and sounds. It’s about telling a story through all the fine details that make up your song. It’s your creative vision that matters and we do our very best to help you achieve your goals. Therefore, Copilco Productions pairs technical expertise with a creative mindset.

Our mixing studio in Berlin offers:

  • More than ten years of experience in the music industry

    Our solution-driven approach is backed by many years of working with different clients from various genres. We’re also familiar with the music industry side of things, which helps in dealing with all stakeholders who might be involved in a project.

  • A top notch listening environment with professionally treated room acoustics

    Mixing is about decision-making. Thanks to a carefully treated listening environment, our judgment is based on facts, not on guessing. You can rest assured that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when listening to your music on other systems.

  • Pro audio equipment that combines sonic accuracy with a streamlined workflow

    Copilco Productions put an emphasis on session workflow rather than gear fetishism. Therefore, you won’t be dazzled by racks full of shiny pieces (that ruin the room acoustics by the way). Instead, you benefit from instant recall and flexibility.

  • A creative, productive, and professional atmosphere

    Our mixing studio in Berlin is located right in the creative hotspot of Neukölln. We also do our best to make you feel comfortable during every session. We want Copilco Productions to be a space where creativity can thrive.

  • Transparent pricing that fits your goals as well as your budget

    Copilco Productions charges standard, professional rates. We’re no cheapo-discount-studio for sure but we do everything to offer the absolute best value for money. Get in touch and describe your upcoming project so we can send you a detailed cost estimate.

Why should you even hire a professional producer and mixing engineer?

Let’s make one thing clear: We think the democratization of music production through the digital revolution is a blessing. Today’s bands, electronic music producers, and other so-called laptop artists have taken things into their own hands. They record their tracks in bedroom studios, hotel rooms or even in the toilet of their tour night liner. But this makes it even more important that a professional producer and mixing engineer is joining the creative process at a certain stage. Even if it’s just to make sure every song meets a certain standard in terms of sound. Copilco Productions is a specialized studio for producing and mixing, but in order to help upcoming artists, we also offer pro audio consulting and education.

Visit our mixing studio in Berlin for a free listening session!

We believe that nothing beats a personal experience. If you live in Berlin or if you’re visiting the city, make sure to come over and let’s hear some music. You can bring demos, past releases and, of course, reference tracks. And if you just want to have a drink and a nice little chat, you’re welcome as well!

Let’s talk about your upcoming project!