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Get Mixes With Character & Attitude That Help Your Songs Stand Out

We’re a mixing studio in Berlin that specializes in electronic music genres like Techno, House, Electronica, and Ambient. Our mission is to help you take your productions from good to great. Your creative vision is all that matters to us and we believe in collaborating closely, communicating honestly, and sharing knowledge openly.

Our mixing approach

Every Sound Tells a Story

Great electronic music takes you on a journey through space and time. We focus on enhancing the unique qualities of your production while respecting your creative vision.

Our mixing studio in Berlin meets the demands of today's ambitious electronic music producers: Breathtakingly big and spacious sound that translates perfectly on large club systems as well as on small earbuds.

Here's what makes our mixes stand out:


Your songs are going to sound finished, big, and impactful, just like your reference tracks (and most likely better).

We make your songs sound larger than life without damaging the audio quality in any way.


It’s that “3D-sound” that lets your songs come out of the speakers and separates great mixes from good ones.

We give your songs that spacious yet transparent sound that's so hard to achieve.


Your tracks are going to sound punchy and dynamic, perfect for club systems as well as home-listening.

We help you achieve the perfect balance between loudness and dynamics.

mixing Engineer Berlin

Someone Who Cares About Your Success

Copilco Productions is run by Philip Röder who has been working as a professional mix engineer for over a decade. Besides making great records, he helps artists build a meaningful music career with his podcast and blog Pick Yourself.

your benefits

15+ Years of Experience, 500+ Projects Worldwide

Excellent Sound

Your songs are going to sound as good or better as your reference tracks and qualify for being released on professional labels. We optimize your songs so they translate well on every playback device. From large club systems to small earbuds.

Professional Guidance

You will get honest feedback and 1-on-1 support before, during, and even after the production process. We’re happy to answer every question (even if it sounds silly to you) and we’re not shy of sharing our knowledge and with you.

Comfortable Workflow

We will guide you through the whole process, step by step, so you can focus on being creative. Our project-workflow is transparent, efficient, and results-driven. Our goal is to offer you the best customer experience you can imagine.


Artists and Labels We‘ve Worked With

Acid Pauli, Ruede Hagelstein, Tez Cadey, Herr Lang, Jonty SkruFFF, ALVAN, Mila Dietrich, Sportbrigade Sparwasser, Nico Pusch, René Bourgeois, Remcord, Sid Le Rock, Schlepp Geist, Distale, and many more.

Sony Music, DUAT Records, Maquisards Productions, New Port Records, Civil Disobedience Records, Verlag, Circuit Training, Jarring Effects, Slab Note, and many more.


Listen to Some Examples of Our Work

Queen of Bethnal Green

Artist: Violent Blondes, Jason Fernandes
Song: Queen of Bethnal Green (Jason Fernandes Remix
Label: Civil Disobedience Records
Service: Mixing

Tez Cadey - Modular 3 Cover

Artist: Tez Cadey
Song: Modular 3
Label: Sony Music/ Maquisards Productions
Service: Mixing, Mastering

5,0 out of 40 reviews

5,0 out of 29 reviews

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5,0 out of 22 reviews


What Our Clients Say About Us

“Copilco Productions is one of the best mixing and mastering studios for electronic music. I’ve worked with Philip on my full-length album as well as on several singles. Besides that, he has helped me improve my production and mixing skills. I’m super happy with the results and highly recommend him.”

Benjamin Lang

melodic techno producer,

mixing & mastering client

“Philip does a lot of mastering for my record label. I have mixed most of them and I really like the way he understood what I was going for. It’s not easy for a mixing engineer to find a great mastering engineer. I know I definetly found one in the Techno area. Highly recommended!“ 

Céline Frezza

techno Label owner,

mastering client

"Philip is a true pro, this clearly shows through his understanding of the music scene and technical advice that he offers. The quality of my productions and mindset improved drastically with his help. This has directly led to having multiple releases signed on some of my favorite labels."

Elliot Ogden

Techno producer, coaching client

Give your songs that finished, big, and impactful sound!

Mixing workflow

Here’s How Our Mixing Studio in Berlin Operates

First of all, we’re a value-driven business. We believe in collaborating closely, communicating honestly, and sharing knowledge openly. Our goal is to win you as a client for life, not just for the next project. Therefore, we do everything to make sure you have a great experience when working with us. 

Our mixing studio Berlin operates a bit differently from what you might expect. We‘re not interested in mixing hundreds of songs a year by people we barely know. Instead, our goal is to work consistently with a carefully selected group of ambitious electronic music producers and record labels.

Here’s our three-step mixing workflow:

Step 1: Listen

Before starting a mixing project, we listen carefully to what you want you achieve, what you like and don’t like about your production, and which reference songs you have in mind.

We then give you valuable feedback (which might enable you to improve the song), help you with the exporting your tracks, and answer any questions you might have.

Step 2: Execute

After we’ve received your correctly exported files, we go all-in on the mixing process. Everything we do follows your creative vision and we focus on bringing out the unique qualities of your song.

Our mixing studio in Berlin has received professional acoustic treatment and is equipped with carefully selected, specialized mixing gear.

Step 3: Improve

Our usual turnaround time for mixing projects is 10 work days. We do extensive quality control before sending you our work but some decisions simply rely on subjective taste.

We’re more than happy to do revisions for you because we want you to be 100% satisfied and work with us again. The more often we work with you, the better we can adjust our mixes to your taste!

If you’re one of the people who want to make the electronic music scene a better place, we have something else for you. Besides running our mastering studio in Berlin, we‘re hosting a podcast & blog called Pick Yourself that helps upcoming music producers build a meaningful artist-career. Check it out, it’s 100% free.


Get Your Questions Answered

Do you work with my style of music?

We offer electronic music mixing and mastering services for all genres that fall into that category. Our studio specializes in genres like Techno, House, Electronica, and Ambient. Basically everything that can be called club music or electronic dance music is in good hands at Copilco Productions. 

How much do you charge?

Our goal is to offer you as much value as possible for your budget. To do so, we start every project with a few onboarding questions to find out what your goals are and how we can help you achieve them. In the next step we send you a detailed proposal including pricing and terms. Get in touch and let's find out together how we can support you.

What's the difference between mixing and mastering and what do I need?

Mixing means we receive the individual tracks from you (kick, bass, hihats, synths, etc.) and we work with those to achieve a great, exciting end result. Mastering is different because you only send us a stereo mixdown of your whole song and we bring it to the finish line. In essence, mixing is the step after production and before mastering. The main difference between the two processes lies in the level of control we have. Mixing allows us to fine-tune all the details of your production whereas mastering is more focused on broad strokes.
To find out whether you need mixing or mastering, please get in touch and we'll discuss the best option for your specific needs and available budget.

How fast can you deliver a mix or master?

Our usual turnaround times are: 5 work days for masters, 10 work days for mixes, after having received correctly exported tracks from you. This means you will get the first version within that time frame. We then enter the revision process which is usually done pretty quickly. Depending on how fast and precise you are with your comments and wishes, you will have the final version of your song shortly thereafter. 

Overall, the following rule applies: The earlier you book your session, the faster you get your songs. If we can plan properly, you will have a 100% guarantee to hit your release deadline with us.

What if I’m on a super tight deadline and need the final track as soon as possible?

Let’s talk. There’s always a solution and we can operate super quickly, if needed. Please keep in mind that in super urgent cases we have to negotiate a slightly higher rate, just to keep things fair for all our clients.

Can you help me export my tracks correctly for mixing?

Yes, absolutely. We will guide you through the process, give you a checklist of how to export things, and we’re there to answer any question you might have.

Will you answer all my questions during a project?

Yes, please go ahead and ask us anything you want and we’ll do our best to support you during the project. We’re happy to share everything we know and we don’t keep any “secrets” from you. If something needs a deeper conversation, you might want to book a coaching session to get it sorted out properly.

Can you help me get better at mixing my own songs?

If your goal is to learn how to become a better producer and improve your mixing skills, we recommend you check out our coaching services. We offer 1-on-1 sessions in which we help you achieve your creative goals and overcome any technical obstacles you might be facing.

What happens if I contact you now?

First of all, let’s get to know each other. We can do this via email or in a short call, whatever you prefer. We have a few onboarding questions that help us understand what your needs and goals are. Based on that, we can identify (together) what services you might need, what budget you should set aside for that, and what the next steps are. Go ahead and drop us a message, we’d love to get to know you!

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We'd love to get to know you and find out how we can support you! If you'd like to meet with us personally (in our Berlin-based studio or on a virtual call), please use the contact form above to say hello and schedule an appointment.

  • Köpenicker Chaussee 32, Berlin, 10317, Germany
  • philip@copilco-productions.com
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