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All We Give a Damn About Is Helping You Create Awesome Records

Our mission is to help you produce and release outstanding music that makes a difference. We do this by offering mixing, mastering, and coaching services. Our studio is based in Berlin but we’re working with clients from all over the world.

Contrary to most studios, our goal isn't to work with as many clients as possible. Instead, we focus on collaborating closely with a carefully selected group of artists and labels. If you’re looking for someone who listens to your needs and truly cares about your success, we might be a great fit.

Our values

We believe in collaborating closely, communicating honestly, and sharing knowledge openly.

The "dark ages" of the music industry are over. Never again will you have to work with grumpy, smart-ass engineers who try to hold you down rather than lift you up. Our way of working empowers artists and labels and we guarantee that you will have an unrivaled experience with us.

Results > Ego

Your creative vision is at the center of everything we do. We believe that our egos shouldn't get in the way of great art.

We don’t need to brag about analog gear or the latest piece of software. Instead, we want you to feel safe and be able to ask every question you want.

A Reliable Partner

We’ve never missed a deadline and we never will. Working with us means you can rely on us 100%.

Moreover, we’re keeping you up to date during the project. We want you to feel relaxed and enjoy the process as much as possible.


Ultimately, we want to make the electronic music scene a better place by helping you succeed as an artist.

We support underground change-makers, artists, and labels who seek to make a meaningful difference.

About philip röder

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Hi, I’m Philip

I’m the founder of Copilco Productions and the host of Pick Yourself, a podcast and blog that’s dedicated to helping you build a meaningful electronic music career.

Besides running this studio, I‘m an active music producer, mainly focusing on 3D sound-installations that bridge the gap between underground electronic music and contemporary art. 

I’m super passionate about my business but I’m also a family man who doesn‘t work on weekends and takes long walks with my dog in the forest instead. Let’s get to know each other!

My Story: From Underground Punkrock to Electronic Music

First and foremost: I’m an artist, just like you. I know exactly how hard it is to finish songs, get them to sound as good as your reference tracks, and have the guts to release them. Let me tell you why I’m doing what I’m doing today and how I became a mixing and mastering engineer.

As a teenager, I fell in love with punkrock and melodic hardcore music. I started a band with friends when I was 17 and we’ve spent the next ten years touring Europe and releasing records. I’ve slept on hundreds of floors and played shows in front of 10 people as well as thousands of people (that were coming for the main act, not for us ;-)). 

My first professional studio experience was an absolute nightmare (and became the reason why I’ve started Copilco Productions).

For our first album, we’ve hired a local studio that was within our price range and promised us everything we could dream of. Needless to say, it turned out quite differently. The engineers had tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment in the room, but didn’t even hear that something was out of tune. Moreover, they charged way more than what was originally discussed. But the worst part of it was this: The final product didn’t sound like we had envisioned it. Not at all.

This frustrating and painful experience has led me to one of the most important decisions in my life. I’ve told myself:

“Never again do I want to be dependent on people like these grumpy and arrogant sound engineer guys.”

So I started to teach myself how to use recording equipment, practiced mixing and mastering, and stayed up endless nights because I couldn’t stop reading all these nerdy audio engineer books. Yeah, I can be pretty obsessive.

From this point on, I’ve produced all the records my band did. And because they sounded quite good, other bands in the area started to ask me if I could help them as well. So I did a bunch of records, got better and better, and finally decided to start a studio business - as a complete autodidact. At the time, I was still studying communication science and working as a creative strategist in a marketing agency.

Moving to Berlin, going all-in on Electronic Music

After ten solid years, my band decided to call it quits. I was quite heartbroken, to be honest (it almost felt like a marriage with these guys), but on the other hand this breaking point made me free. I was already very interested in electronic music and producing some Techno tracks on the side, so I decided to make a big move - to Berlin. I had been to the city very often and I quickly became a part of the local electronic music community. My tracks got signed on a small label and I started mixing and mastering songs for other artists.

At this point, I quit my job (I was still working 50% in the marketing agency) and founded Copilco Productions in Berlin. I knew that I wanted to do this full-time and I also felt that I could offer electronic music artists and labels something unique:

A studio that deeply cares about what they want to achieve and fully aligns with their goals and vision.

When I say that this studio is a purpose-driven business, I really mean it. Coming from the punkrock scene, I knew how important it was to give back to your tribe of people and help each other without asking for anything in return. I’m a big fan of the DIY-attitude in underground music, so I’m doing everything I can do empower small artists and labels.

In 2019, I’ve started a podcast and blog called Pick Yourself, which is a 100% free resource that helps upcoming artists build a meaningful electronic music career. Besides that, I’m speaking at conferences and music industry events and giving masterclasses in music production schools like e.g. Catalyst.

Last but not least: I’m really excited about the projects I’m working on and the people I collaborate with. My clients mean the world to me and needless to say: I’d love to get to know you, too. Feel free to reach out and tell me about your plans, I’d be thrilled to help you!


Artists and Labels We‘ve Worked With

Acid Pauli, Ruede Hagelstein, Tez Cadey, Herr Lang, Jonty SkruFFF, ALVAN, Mila Dietrich, Sportbrigade Sparwasser, Nico Pusch, René Bourgeois, Remcord, Sid Le Rock, Schlepp Geist, Distale, and many more.

Sony Music, DUAT Records, Maquisards Productions, New Port Records, Civil Disobedience Records, Verlag, Circuit Training, Jarring Effects, Slab Note, and many more.

your benefits

15+ Years of Experience, 500+ Projects Worldwide

Excellent Sound

Your songs are going to sound as good or better as your reference tracks and qualify for being released on professional labels. We optimize your songs so they translate well on every playback device. From large club systems to small earbuds.

Professional Guidance

You will get honest feedback and 1-on-1 support before, during, and even after the production process. We’re happy to answer every question (even if it sounds silly to you) and we’re not shy of sharing our knowledge and with you.

Comfortable Workflow

We will guide you through the whole process, step by step, so you can focus on being creative. Our project-workflow is transparent, efficient, and results-driven. Our goal is to offer you the best customer experience you can imagine.

5,0 out of 40 reviews

5,0 out of 29 reviews

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“Copilco Productions is one of the best mixing and mastering studios for electronic music. I’ve worked with Philip on my full-length album as well as on several singles. Besides that, he has helped me improve my production and mixing skills. I’m super happy with the results and highly recommend him.”

Benjamin Lang

melodic techno producer,

mixing & mastering client

“Philip does a lot of mastering for my record label. I have mixed most of them and I really like the way he understood what I was going for. It’s not easy for a mixing engineer to find a great mastering engineer. I know I definetly found one in the Techno area. Highly recommended!“ 

Céline Frezza

techno Label owner,

mastering client

"Philip is a true pro, this clearly shows through his understanding of the music scene and technical advice that he offers. The quality of my productions and mindset improved drastically with his help. This has directly led to having multiple releases signed on some of my favorite labels."

Elliot Ogden

Techno producer, coaching client

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