Copilco Productions is based in Berlin. Our acoustically treated room provides an excellent listening environment. We make sure you can trust the sound that comes out of the speakers. We focus on pro audio equipment that really matters and a workflow that suits the need for flexibility and instant session recall.

Copilco Productions Mixing and Mastering Studio
Copilco Productions Mixing and Mastering Studio

Work with us in Berlin or use our online services

We love working with artists and labels from all over the world. Sure, since we’re based in Berlin, many of our clients come from here. We’re also offering online mixing and mastering and work remotely with clients in other cities or countries. You will benefit from a very relaxed workflow since we’ll guide you through every step of the process. From file transfer to the finished project.

Efficient workflow meets attention to detail

When designing our space, there was one question guiding the process: What should a professional studio today offer in order to provide optimum results for its clients? The answer is clear: Excellent room acoustics, an efficient and creative workflow, and the ability to recall a session instantly. Therefore, we don’t try to win clients by showing racks loaded with lots of vintage gear. Copilco Productions is tailored to the needs of today’s music production.

Not your traditional recording studio

It used to be like this: Bands and solo artists go to a big recording studio to do their producing, recording, mixing and mastering at one place. Maybe even with only one engineer taking care of all aspects of the production. Today, the situation is different. Since many records are produced in bedroom studios or rehearsal spaces, the big facilities are having a hard time. When it comes to mixing and mastering, professional producers and engineers join the game in order to make the record sound exceptional. Since we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we work together closely with other specialists in the pro audio field. This way we can make sure to provide optimum results for our clients. Copilco Productions has specialized in mixing and masting as well as pro audio education and consulting.

Come and visit us!

We offer a free listening session if you’re living in Berlin or visiting the city. Feel free to contact us in order to schedule a meeting. We’ll have a listen to your demos, past releases or maybe just your reference tracks. And if you only want to come over for a drink, you’re welcome as well!