March 2

Five Blogs Every Upcoming Artist Should Read

You want to push your career as a musician? You’re lucky! There has never been a better time for that. Now I probably hear you complain about low streaming payments, shitty label deals and arrogant music journalists that just won’t hear your awesome new single. Well, there’s also another perspective. This is why I’ve put together five blogs every upcoming artist should read. Some of them I would consider “life changing”, if you take action. This is especially helpful for the cynics among you.

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Five Blogs Every Upcoming Artist Should Read
Five Blogs Every Upcoming Artist Should Read

So these are my top five blogs for upcoming artists (in no particular order):

1. The DIY Musician

This blog is one of my all-time favorites. It guides musicians through various fields, from promotion to licensing and other interesting topics. I love their simple, straightforward approach. The authors manage to write in an easy-to-understand language and cover all-time basics as well as current developments. I particularly like their case studies and interviews with people who have managed to make a living out of their music through smart career moves..

2. Digital Music News

A breathtaking behind-the-scenes blog that covers recent developments at big labels, streaming platforms and tech companies. The main reason I’ve put it into my “five blogs every upcoming artist should read” list is that it keeps you completely up to date with developments that are on the horizon for creators. Information is key when it comes to being a progressive mind in the music industry. Okay, some of the headlines are a bit exaggerated (hello clickbait, haha). But on the other hand: Who doesn’t want to read that streaming revenue might quadruple until 2025?

3. Sentric Music

This is probably one of the most in-depth resources an upcoming artist can hope for. I love their interviews with people from the industry (from label executives to lawyers to agents, etc.). A good example is their “ask the music industry” post series. Sentric is a very forward-thinking publishing company, so their expertise in that field is beyond words. If you have questions regarding music licensing, go to Sentric.

4. Music3point0 (Bobby Owsinski)

The legendary author of many books on the music business, self-promotion and other DIY topics is running this fantastic blog. I’ve put it onto my “five blogs every upcoming artist should read” list because he thinks outside the box and gives great examples on how to stand out. He’s one of the most creative figures in the music business and always keeps a positiv attitude towards the future of our industry. If you want to find out what I mean, check out this post on over-the-top album packaging ideas.

5. Music Think Tank

Okay, so this is a very broad blog, covering lots of topics, but it does so in a very original way. From social media promotion to live show-preparation to legal questions. If you want to save time you can check out their weekly recaps and see what topics might be of interest to you.

Anything else?

I hope my “five blogs every upcoming artist should read” list gives you a bit of inspiration and stamina for finding your path in the industry. Other than this list, I suggest you look into interesting podcasts, books and also keep coming back to my blog since I will share many more helpful resources in the future.

What is your favorite blog for upcoming artists?
Let me know in the comments!

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