Copilco Productions offers professional music production. Since the terms “music productions” and “producing” can be understood in several ways, it makes sense to explain exactly what we’re offering in our Berlin-based studio. First of all, it’s important to know that we’re a studio that doesn’t only focus on the technical side of things. Your creative vision always comes first so we put all our energy into bringing your ideas to life.

What is professional music production?

Many artists and bands produce their records all by themselves. That’s perfectly fine but at a certain point, the production process can become very tiring and frustrating. Especially when you’re hitting a creative roadblock. This is where professional music production comes into play. An experienced producer can help the artist push their boundaries, leave their comfort zone and overcome any existing barriers. Moreover, a producer plays an important role as a source of honest feedback. Lastly, creativity benefits from exchanging ideas and concepts. Having a good sparring partner is a great way to challenge yourself and improve your skills as an artist.

What does “producing” mean?

Producing is a vital part of any professional music production. It includes various techniques that aim at enhancing the sound in a way that underlines what the artist is trying to achieve. Think of the way legendary engineer Eddie Kramer and Jimi Hendrix worked together in the studio. They did everything to create a unique listening experience where the overall production emphasizes the artist’s signature sound. It’s about the little effects, studio tricks, programmed virtual instruments and everything else you can imagine that makes the record stand out sonically. Even though there might be a small difference, most people refer to the broader concept of music production when they speak of “producing”.

What exactly does Copilco Productions offer?

We offer professional music production (all aspects of a single, EP or LP) as well as creative producing (adding additional effects, programming, etc. to a song). In both cases, it might be a good idea to source specialists for certain parts of the production. We help with our network and project management skills to source the right people for the job. You might, for example, need someone who programs a realistic sounding orchestra. Or you decide that your budget allows for two different recording studios. One specialized in drum recordings, another one with an outstanding vocal mic collection.

Let’s talk about your upcoming project!

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